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e-bajk prevádzka 2024

e-bajk prevádzka 2024

20 €


The price list of shared electric bikes borrowing from Arboria Bike:

to 10 min – 0,5 €

after 10 min each minute – 0,15 €

more than 120 min – 12 €


Pausing of the rental:

0 – 10 min – free

from 10 min – 0,50 € 

from 20 min – 1,5 €

from 30 min – 2 €


Return of an electric bike away from a station:

one-time fee 1 €


We are pleased that you are interested in shared bikes Arboria Bike.

You can register here. However, you must also come personally to the First Contact Office at the City of Trnava Office (Trhová 3) within two days to sign the contract. You must do so before your first ride; until then, your account created via a website or application will be blocked. However, after signing the contract, you can start the account with Arboria Bike J

Alternatively, you can come to register directly at the FCO, where our employees are available.