Trnava has started a system of shared bikes which will serve the public for short-term transport within the city. The project of the City of Trnava in cooperation with the Lucron company, which is constructing the neighbourhood known as Arboria, is called Arboria Bike. Its objective is to motivate the public to use this traditional yet modern means of transport.

Bikes are not only ecological, they are also practical in the city and allow riders faster transport from one point to another without the fear of traffic jams or parking problems. What’s more, Arboria Bike shared bikes are equipped with electric drive, making their journey even faster and easier.

There will be forty electric bikes in operation, with another ten in reserve for use during repairs.

“Thanks to our cooperation with the company Lucron, which donated the shared bikes to the municipality, we are introducing Trnava residents to a new means of transport within the town. The unique aspect of this project is that the electric bikes do not require parking stations. I believe it will be easier for people to transport themselves around Trnava, and that they will enjoy a new riding experience from the electric drive function,” said Trnava mayor Peter Brocka.

Interested persons can register in The First Contact Office at the City of Trnava, Trhová 3. All they must then do is find a free bike at one of nearly twenty posts around the town territory, borrow it via the mobile application Freebike or a special card, and ride to another post nearest to your journey destination. Payment is based on a lump sum selected in advance, after termination of the borrowing the electric bike is immediately free for another user.

Arboria Bike posts will be ready in a short time. However, the yellow and black steeds can already be seen in the streets of Trnava—a trial operation is currently underway for a closed group of people, and the system is being tuned up to ensure the best possible functioning. A contact line will be established for assistance with any technical problems.

 “Our philosophy is to apply modern ecological solutions, whether they concern new construction or mobility in the town. Arboria is a new urban quarter, and it is our pleasure to support Trnava’s efforts towards better and greener transport,“said Peter Kavecky, a sales manager of the company Lucron.

Details on the functioning of the shared bikes system in our town, together with other necessary information, will shortly be available on the websites and