A long-awaited date is finally here – everyone who wants to use shared electric bikes within Trnava and is older than 18 years can be registered into the Arboria Bike system from Monday, February 25th, 2019. There are 3 ways to register:

  1. In the free mobile application Freebike.
  2. Personally, at the First Contact Office in the City of Trnava office, Trhová 3, Trnava.
  3. On the website arboriabike.sk.
  4. In the free mobile application Freebike.

For successful access to the system of borrowings, a contract must be signed in the First Contact Office (FCO), and a fee must be paid. The minimum amount of this fee is 20-EUR which serves as an annual tariff. In the case of registration via the website or application, the user must visit the FCO within 2 working days to provide a signature and payment. This must be done before the user’s first ride, because their account will blocked before completion of this step. Access data and possibly a chip card are available to everyone after registration to the system. The card can be used to ensure an easy start and end to the borrowing, if the user prefers this method to the mobile application. After meeting all terms, the user may ride the electric bikes from Friday, 1st March, when the yellow and black steeds return to the streets of Trnava after a winter break.

Electric bikes Arboria Bike serve for short-term transport around the town. The current location of available bikes is shown on the map at arboriabike.sk and in the Freebike application. Just find a bike, borrow it via an app or by holding a chip card to the reader, and enjoy a comfortable ride. Bike borrowing is free of charge for the first fifteen minutes, after which the cost for use of the electric bike can be found on the price list below, as well as at arboriabike.sk.

There are currently 71 virtual stations where the electric bikes can be returned free of charge after the end of the ride. Return of a bike away from any station is charged at a sum of 40 cents, although the electric bikes may only be left in areas accessible to the public. For safety reasons, the electric bikes must not be ridden along the pedestrian zone on Hlavná Street.

A trial run of Trnava bikesharing took place in the autumn of 2018. Hundreds of interested residents responded to a public call to test the borrowed electric bikes and helped to prepare the system for real operation.

 “The response from the public was very positive. We appreciate the constructive cooperation and help from all who have tested electric bikes. Thanks to them we were able to modify and tune up the system so that borrowing of the city electric bikes was simple, fast and practical for users,” said Trnava mayor Peter Brocka. “After the real operation is launched we expect considerable interest from the wider public, since testing has shown that the shared electric bikes have a place in the town and are very popular with people.”

Members of the test group have already been registered in the user database. However, they must still come to the First Contact Office to pay the fee.

One new development since the trial run is an option to pause borrowing. For example, if you need to drop into the shop, you can reserve the electric bike for ten minutes without worrying it will be borrowed by someone else in the meantime. The municipality wants to test this new function directly in the terrain, therefore pausing of borrowing will be free of charge for the first two months.

Arboria Bike is a project of the City of Trnava in cooperation with the company Lucron.

The price list of shared electric bikes borrowing from Arboria Bike:

to 15 min – free of charge
to 20 min – € 0.15
to 30 min – € 0.35
to 50 min – € 0.50
to 60 min – € 1
do 90 min – €1.50
to 120 min – €2.50
to 180 min – €5
More than 180 min – €20
Return of an electric bike away from a station – €0.40
Pausing of the borrowing for 10 min – free of charge